Problem Pitching @ health++
Have a need you want to share during health++? 

Problem pitching will take place the morning of the first day (Saturday, Nov. 5), directly following the opening panel. This is your opportunity to share your need with the entire audience. Teams will then form around the needs presented.

Please refer to the following document for more details:
First Name *

Last Name *

Email *

Describe a need within healthcare affordability that you hope to tackle during the event. The context can be domestic or global. *

You'll have 1 minute to pitch your need in-person, but feel free to explain your need in a bit more detail here. Focus on the need rather than the solution.

Please refer to the problem pitching guidelines for more details:
Need Title *

Please provide a 1 sentence (or less) title of your need.

We will be uploading needs to our website at
Please list some keywords you want to associate with your need.

e.g. pediatrics, malaria, maternal health, mobile health, etc.
Will you be participating in a team or serving as a mentor?

We encourage problem pitchers to also attend as hackathon participants or mentors.

General Application:
Mentor Form:

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